6-Outlet, 35-Foot Extension Cord


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UltraPWR 6 Outlet Extension Cord


  • 35-feet total length
  • 10-feet from plug to first outlet
  • 5-feet between each socket, 6 total
  • SJTW 14/3, 3 Prong Indoor / Outdoor 14 gauge wire
  • 15 Amp - 125 Volts; 1875 AMPS
  • 5 LED light sockets
  • 5 weather covers for outdoor use
  • Each socket has two built-in holders so unit can be securely attached or hung
  • 6” long Interior socket body for super strong wire/socket connection 


  • Multiple Use: Holiday Lighting, Christmas Villages, Model Train Layouts, Trade Show Booths, DJ Equipment, Office Use, Halloween Decorations, Entertainment Systems, Gaming Systems and More
  • No need to connect extension cords together - that’s a fire hazard!
  • Safety #2: UL approved! Tested by the best-known test laboratory in the World!
  • 10-foot lead allows for distance between wall outlet and power where you need it
  • Eliminate the tangle of multiple extension cords
  • LED Lighted sockets so you can work in the dark
  • Can be screwed in place for permanent power where you need it
  • Use with 3,000 incandescent mini holiday lights or 18,000 LED holiday lights
  • Helps you finish your projects quickly