When you live in a house with a beautiful front or backyard, lighting is a great way to show off your landscaping or deck features.  Simple floodlights can help solve the issue of lighting your yard, but a more intricate and stylish lighting solution will make your home look beautiful while highlighting the features you want to show off in your yard. 

Five tips for lighting up your yard

  1. Light for practicality - Of course, you want your home to be beautiful, but the purpose of yard lights is to, well, light your yard so you can see when it’s dark. Take a look at your yard, where your seating areas are and where the walkways are so you can form a strategy of how to make it easier to see at night. Look for areas where lighting can help add a level of security too, like outside the front door or the garage.
  1. Light for atmosphere - Once you’ve identified how lighting will work for its practical purposes, you can think about how you want it to appeal to visitors. Consider the locations you’re lighting and how lighting plays a role. For example, gathering areas should be illuminated by soft lighting so your guests don’t have to squint under bright and uncomfortable lights. Consider the kinds of fixtures you want too. Would you like to string LED bulbs across the yard or would you rather have a pole or another type of fixture? All of this plays a role in how you want your yard to feel.
  1. Light for accent - Accent lighting can highlight specific features in your yard or home that you would like to display or have seen for practical purposes. Think of features like your doorbell or your address number and how accent lighting can make them easier to see.
  1. Use energy-efficient lights - Look for LED bulbs and other types of lighting that last long and use little power to keep your electric bill low and your yard bright.
  1. Find an efficient power cord - It’s one thing to hang up all these lights, but it’s another to power them. Avoid chaining multiple cords together, which is a fire hazard. Look for a multiple-socket extension cord that is outdoor friendly and can handle a variety of fixtures.

Decorate your home using UltraPWR cords

UltraPWR cords make lighting up your yard so much easier! These outdoor-rated cords feature multiple sockets that run along the cord in evenly-spaced intervals so you can plug in multiple lights from multiple locations. You’ll also love that the sockets are bordered by LED lights so you can find them easily in the dark.

Put away the single-use, easily tangled extension cords and purchase an UltraPWR cord today to make lighting your yard a more enjoyable process.