Dyker Heights Lights, Brooklyn, NY

This is what I grew up with. Now, it’s world famous. Well, famous enough to be on the web and have people pay money to come to see the displays on tour buses. I lived a couple of blocks away so I never had to deal with the traffic!

Can you imagine all the work it took to put up this displays? The number of wires running all over the place to get each set of Christmas lights lit? One house had over 15 light up cherubs, each with their own plug!  How about the tangle of extension cords necessary to get the power where they needed it?  How about the electric bill?!

UltraPWR multi-outlet extension cords would certainly make this job or any one like it a lot easier. While the property size isn’t large, the placement of each decoration is precise, and these folks take advantage of every square inch!

When you plan something like this out it helps to have an idea of the design you’d like to have when done. Then it would make sense to have a diagram of where everything should be placed. At 35 feet long, the UltraPWR multi-socket extension cord can run from a house outlet to, in this case, the furthest point to be decorated! The LED lit outlets are like having a roadmap for Christmas decorations! Because it’s outdoor rated and UL listed, you know UltraPWR cords are safe.

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