Christmas lights are a time-honored holiday tradition for many people, and they bring color and joy to your home during the holidays. However, it can be a difficult task to power everything all at once.  

If you’re someone who goes all out with as many lights as possible, has a large area to cover or both, then you’ve probably been getting creative trying to power all your holiday lights and decorations at once. Which usually means more and more extension cords!

The struggle to power your holiday light display is a genuine problem that can stem from one or more issues.

  1. One reason you may be having issues is that you're trying to create a light display across a large area of your yard.
  2. Another issue that you may be facing is trying to power lights on the walls, eaves, and roof of a large house.
  3. Even if you don't have a large yard or house, you may still have a large number of lights you need to power.

If you're struggling with any or all of these issues, then you may have tried to solve these problems by buying more extension cords. In fact, you may be one of the many people who find themselves purchasing one or more extension cords every year during your holiday lights setup because you need more plugs to power your light display. Did you know that stringing together extension cords is a fire hazard?

One of the best ways to make your light setup easier is to reduce the number of extension cords you’re using. UltraPWR is here to help you with your Christmas light and extension cord woes!  If you want an easier way to power your Christmas lights this year, then consider the benefits of the multi-outlet UltraPWR extension cords!

UltraPWR multi-outlet extension cords can provide you with features such as:

  • Cord length options of 25 and 35 feet
  • Five or six sockets for your lights on one extension cord
  • Blue LED power light indicators on each socket
  • The ability to power your Christmas lights indoors or outdoors with the same cord

Benefits of using UltraPWR cords for your Christmas lights:

  1. Multiple Use - Holiday Lighting, Christmas Villages, Model Train Layouts,  Entertainment Systems and More!
  2. Avoid a Fire Hazard! - No need to connect extension cords together.
  3. UL approved! Tested by the best-known test laboratory in the world!
  4. 10-foot lead allows for distance between wall outlet and power where you need it.
  5. Eliminates the tangle of multiple extension cords.
  6. LED Lighted sockets so you can work in the dark.
  7. Can be screwed in place for permanent power where you need it.
  8. Use with 3,000 incandescent mini holiday lights or 18,000 LED holiday lights.
  9. Helps you finish your DIY projects quickly.

With all of these and other benefits, UltraPWR cords may be just what you need to take the headache out of putting up your Christmas lights this year by reducing the number of extension cords you need for your lights.

For more information about how our team can help you get extension cords that make your Christmas light setup easier, contact UltraPWR today.