October 31st is just around the corner, and you know what that means… it’s trick-or-treating time. Okay, maybe you’re too old to go trick-or-treating these days, but you’re never too old to miss out on the excitement. One exciting way you can participate in Halloween is by decorating your yard.


Setting up the spookiest yard in the neighborhood isn’t as simple as throwing a few decorations on the lawn. It requires a little planning and effort, but it’s all worth it when you see the looks of wonder (and a little bit of fright) in the faces of trick or treaters who stop by your home for a treat.


If you’re planning on decorating your home this Halloween season, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Five smart tips for decorating your home for Halloween

  1. Use spooky lights - Trick or treating usually takes place when it’s getting dark outside, so you should invest in some spooky lighting. You may have a lot of awesome decorations, but without lighting, no one will be able to see them as it gets darker outside. Try black lights or flickering flame lights to highlight your yard. Remember, if you’re going to put lights outside, make sure they’re rated for outdoor use.


  1. Determine a theme - It’s easy to go to the store and mix-and-match Halloween related decorations, but you can really make your home stand out if you decorate for a theme. Perhaps you want to go for the mad scientist style, or maybe you want to decorate like it’s the zombie apocalypse. The choices are virtually limitless, but a good theme makes a great yard!


  1. Use fake cobwebs - Regardless of which theme you choose, fake cobwebs always come in handy. They are inexpensive and instantly give your yard that Halloween feeling.


  1. Be safe - Make sure you have a steady ladder and work with a partner if your decorating requires any climbing.

  1. Consolidate your power source - Halloween lighting and many decorations need electricity to work. You’ll want to make sure that your extension cords are rated for outdoor use if you’re decorating your lawn, and you’ll want to plug your cord into an outdoor-rated outlet.

Decorate your home using UltraPWR cords

If you’re using any lights or electronic devices for Halloween, make sure you're not stringing together multiple extension cords together. It's called daisy-chaining and it's a fire hazard! Make safety a priority with UltraPWR extension cords. UltraPWR extension cords feature multiple sockets lit by LED lights so you can always find them in the dark. 

UltraPWR extension cord features:
  • Cord lengths of 25 and 35 feet
  • Five or six sockets at intervals along the extension cord
  • Three prong grounded plugs
  • Weather covers for sockets that aren’t being used
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
Benefits of using UltraPWR multi outlet extension cords in your home or office:
  1. Multiple Use: Holiday Lighting, Christmas Villages, Model Train Layouts, Trade Show Booths, DJ Equipment, Office Use, Halloween Decorations, Entertainment Systems and More!
  2. No need to connect extension cords together, that’s a fire hazard!
  3. UL approved! Tested by the best-known test laboratory in the world.
  4. 10-foot lead allows for distance between wall outlet and power where you need it.
  5. Eliminates the tangle of multiple extension cords.
  6. LED lighted sockets so you can work in the dark.
  7. Can be screwed in place for permanent power where you need it.
  8. Use with 3,000 incandescent mini holiday lights or 18,000 LED holiday lights.
  9. Helps you finish your DIY projects quickly.

UltraPWR cords can help you decorate your home for Halloween without having to use multiple cables that get tangled up and confusing. Purchase your own UltrawPWR cord today and simplify your home decorating experience.