It’s nice to have your own personal workshop. A place where you make the rules, and there are no opening or closing hours. 

Part of having a personal workshop is keeping it organized and safe. Thankfully, there are a few tricks that every good workshop owner can use to keep a workshop organized, including the UltraPWR cord.

Before we talk about the UltraPWR cord though, let’s take a look at a few other tips that you could use to organize your workshop.

Tips for organizing a workshop

  1. Use drawers- When you’re just starting your workshop, it’s hard to imagine needing more storage and space than you’ve already given yourself. But, soon enough you’ll be wanting room for more as the projects add up, your tool count grows and you find yourself hanging onto scrap materials to use for future projects. 
    One solution is to put drawers in empty spaces. A cost-effective solution is to find old cabinets and use them for drawers, or you can make your own in your workshop!
  1. Put a rubber mat in your toolbox - Some toolboxes come with rubber mats, but if yours does not you can line the drawers with a rubber kitchen mat to keep your tools from rolling around, so they stay put and in order.
  1. Get creative with extra space - If your workshop is small or if your operations are outgrowing your space, you can get creative and find unique ways to store tools and materials. Build add-ons on the sides of your benches, tables, and cabinets. Create containers that hang from the ceiling that can store bulky items like large pieces of wood.
  1. Hang a sock on the wall - Safety glasses are arguably the most important tool in your workshop, so you’ll want to keep them somewhere safe from dust and scratches when you’re not using them. Don’t throw them in the drawer with all of your tools where they can get scratched up. Instead, hang a sock on the wall and store your safety glasses in it.
  1. Consolidate your power source with the UltraPWR cord - Stringing together multiple extension cords is a fire hazard! The UltraPWR multi-socket extension cord is an excellent organization tool that eliminates the need for multiple extension cords. The UltraPWR cord has multiple sockets at evenly spaced intervals so you can plug in multiple tools and lighting fixtures. You can even nail the sockets on the wall or along your workspace so you can easily access power!

The UltraPWR cord comes in a variety of lengths that are all rated for indoor and outdoor use. The sockets in all of the UltraPWR cords are bordered by LED lights so you can find them in the dark.

With UltraPWR, you won’t need to deal with tangled piles of multiple cables anymore. Simplify your workshop organization and buy a UltraPWR cord today.