The wonderful part about most households these days is all of the modern technology available to make your life more simple. Think about it. Your home is packed with life-changing technology - from your computer to a voice assistant device to your smart television and kitchen appliances.

Keeping these devices organized and powered can be a challenge as more are introduced into the market every day. That’s why we put together this list of tips for organizing your electronic devices. In the end, we’ll talk about the UltraPWR cord and how it can make your life much easier by creating a centralized location to plug in multiple devices. But first…

Three tips for organizing your electronics

  1. Choose a central location - It can be frustrating to run around your home to look for your phone charger or an HDMI cord. Eliminate this frustration by creating one spot in your home where electronic devices can be stored. Whenever you’re finished with a device or accessory, make sure it ends up in this spot and you’ll always know where to find it.
  1. Organize by type - On top of centralizing your electronics storage, you can go further in organizing by compartmentalizing your storage. What we mean is that you can use different containers like old shoe boxes or cheap plastic containers to create individual spaces in your storage for each type of device. Phone accessories can go in one bin, computer accessories in another and so on.
  1. Designate areas for specific use - Choose different locations in your home for certain types of devices. You may want to reserve one set of outlets for mobile devices, another for computers and another for virtual assistants. You can achieve this kind of organization with an UltraPWR cord since it lets you plug in multiple devices over a large span of space. Speaking of the UltraPWR cord...

Organize your electronics with the UltraPWR cord

The UltraPWR multi-socket extension cord is a unique extension cord that features multiple outlets that run along the cable in intervals. This means you can plug in multiple devices in multiple locations all along the same cord.

Each of the multiple sockets on the UltraPWR cord is lit by LED lights so you can find an outlet in the dark. Plus, these cords are rated for indoor and outdoor use, so that you can use them in your house in your yard.

Ready to ditch the piles of multiple extension cables and choose one multi-functional cord instead? Purchase your UltraPWR cord today.