When the Fourth of July comes around, the fireworks fill the sky, the grills are fired up and friends and family come together to celebrate the birth of the United States of America. If you’re planning on hosting a cookout or celebration in your yard with your friends for the Fourth of July, consider decorating with some festive outdoor lighting.

Before you go out and buy just any old lighting, you should consider some tips for lighting your yard in a way that is practical, festive and beautiful.

Four tips for lighting your yard for the Fourth of July

  1. Think of practical lighting first - You may want to wow your guests with exciting lighting and beautiful decorations, but if your guests can’t see that well, they can’t really enjoy the festivities. Take a look at your yard and consider where your guests will socialize and how you can light your yard accordingly. Find warm lighting that won’t blind your guests in spots where they will want to hang out and mark pathways with path lights.
  1. It’s all about the red, white and blue - Any good Fourth of July themed celebration will feature lots of red, white and blue. This goes for your lighting too. Consider accenting your yard with red, white and blue LED lights or string lights to capture the feeling of the holiday.
  1. Don’t blot out the fireworks - Using too many lights or lights that are too bright will make it difficult for guests to look to the skies and watch the fireworks go off. Find lights that aren’t too bright or lights that can be controlled by a dimmer switch.
  1. Find a good power cord - If you want to make your yard shine with all of these lights and decorations, you’ll need a power cord that can keep up. Find a cord that is rated for outdoor use and can handle multiple fixtures.

Decorate your home using UltraPWR multi-socket cords

If you’re looking for a power cord to handle your light fixtures this Fourth of July season, consider using the UltrawPWR multi-socket extension cord. The UltraPWR cord comes in a variety of lengths with multiple sockets in evenly spaced intervals to allow you to plug in multiple light fixtures.

UltraPWR cords are rated for outdoor use and are easy to use in the dark because each socket is lit by LED lights. You no longer have to use multiple extension cables that get all tangled up and only support one light fixture. Purchase your UltraPWR cord today.