One of the best parts about the holiday season is the Christmas lights that brighten the season with joy and wonder. These lights make neighborhoods shine and bring the Christmas spirit alive.

Some people are content with hanging up a few lights, but others like to go all out with wonderfully curated decorations. Whether you’re a seasoned Christmas light decorator or a new homeowner who’s decorating for the first time this year, you’ll appreciate a few do-it-yourself tips to make the process more fun and simple.

Five smart tips for DIY Christmas light decorating

  1. Start simple -- The holidays are supposed to be joyful, so don’t stress yourself out by taking on too much if you’ve never decorated your house before. Pick a few trees or bushes or stick with the hanging lights along your porch or roof. You can add to your collection throughout the years to come and make more impressive decorations when you have the ability and experience.
  1. Think beyond the hammer and nails -- Nails, staples, and screws are effective at supporting lights, but they leave scars on your home. Try other hanging solutions like electrical tape or heavy-duty clips to hang lights without damaging your home.
  1. Highlight the best features of your home -- Stand in your yard facing your home and think about what features of your home would best be accented by Christmas lights. This may include your roof, bushes, trees, pillars, railings, fences, windows and more.
  1. Be safe - Make sure you have a sturdy ladder for those high-to-reach places. Always work with a partner to spot you and help you stay safe.
  1. Use convenient power cords - Make sure the power cords you use are long enough and are rated for outdoor use. Plug your cords into an appropriate outdoor-rated electrical socket.

Decorate your home using UltraPWR cords

UltraPWR multi-outlet extension cords make Christmas decorating a much simpler process. Each cord has multiple sockets lit by durable LED lights so you can see them in the dark. With the UltraPWR cord, you can work any time of the day without having to mix and match extension cords.

What’s best is they won’t break the bank either. Avoid getting tangled up in multiple extension cords and purchase your own UltraPWR cord to make decorating this holiday season less complicated.


Features of the UltraPWR 6 Multi-Outlet Extension Cord

  • 35-feet total length
  • 10-feet from plug to the first outlet
  • 5-feet between each socket, 6 total
  • SJTW 14/3, 3 Prong Indoor / Outdoor 14 gauge wire
  • 15 Amp - 125 Volts; 1875 AMPS
  • 5 LED light sockets
  • 5 weather covers for outdoor use
  • Each socket has two built-in holders so the cord can be securely attached or hung
  • 6” long Interior socket body for super strong wire/socket connection 


  • Multiple Use: Holiday Lighting, Christmas Villages, Model Train Layouts, Trade Show Booths, DJ Equipment, Office Use, Halloween Decorations, Entertainment Systems, Gaming Systems and More
  • No need to connect extension cords together - that’s a fire hazard!
  • Safety #2: UL approved! Tested by the best-known test laboratory in the World!
  • 10-foot lead allows for distance between wall outlet and power where you need it
  • Eliminate the tangle of multiple extension cords
  • LED Lighted sockets so you can work in the dark
  • Can be screwed in place for permanent power where you need it
  • Use with 3,000 incandescent mini holiday lights or 18,000 LED holiday lights
  • Helps you finish your DIY decorating projects quickly